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Man Breaks Into Phoenix Home, Enters Boy’s Room, Parents Forced To Defend Their Child Against Intruder

By on April 17, 2024 0 46Views

Abdullahi Aroni

On Monday, Phoenix police arrested a man after he allegedly broke into a family’s home and was caught in their young boy’s bedroom.

Abdullahi Aroni, 25, is facing charges of burglary and sexual conduct with a minor after he allegedly entered a 4-year-old boy’s bedroom room and was confronted by his parents.

According to authorities, at approximately 11 p.m. on Sunday, Aroni, unlawfully entered a residence located close to 32nd Street and Thomas Road.

The mother reported to police she woke up to a light being turned on in the house. When she went to check on the child, she noticed her son’s bedroom door was open. When she entered, she found an unknown man in the room.

The police report details that a physical altercation began with the suspect first attacking the boy’s mother. The child’s father later entered the bedroom and a fight ensured between the two men. The fight carried outside into the family’s backyard, where the suspect jumped the wall and ran away.

The boy allegedly told his mother that the suspect had touched him inappropriately. The parents believe that the suspect was intoxicated.

A video recording captured the suspect standing at the side door to the family’s backyard. The video helped police identify Aroni as the suspect.

A search warrant was executed at Aroni’s residence, resulting in his arrest. According to authorities, proof was discovered connecting him to the occurrence.

The suspect allegedly reported to police he got drunk on the day of the incident and could not remember fighting anyone.

“The actions by the suspect inside of this room established probable cause to arrest him for sexually motivated crimes,” police said in a statement. “While this was happening, the child’s mother entered the room and confronted the suspect.”

Aroni has been charged with sexual conduct with a minor, burglary, and several counts of assault.

The investigation is still underway.