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Statewide Survey: Senate Leans Democratic, Presidential Race a Toss Up

by on July 2, 2020 0

Data Orbital recently announced the results of its latest statewide, live-caller survey of likely general election voters. The survey was conducted from June 27-29, 2020. In the U.S. Senate Race, Democrat Mark Kelly came in at 47.6% to Republican Martha McSally’s 40.8%. 9.5% of respondents are still undecided, with 2.4% leaning Kelly, 1.9% leaning McSally,...

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Governor Ducey Signs Final 32 Bills To Close Legislative Session

by on June 8, 2020 0

Governor Ducey today took action on all remaining legislation on his desk, signing a total of 32 bills. The bills include legislation to expand the Arizona Teachers Academy, increase accountability at boards and commissions, enhance suicide prevention training, and improve administration of Arizona’s 529 College Savings Program. In total, the Governor signed 90 bills...

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Arizona Democrats Call Upon Ducey For Special Legislative Session To Address Police Accountability

by on June 4, 2020 0

Arizona Democrats are calling for a special legislative session to address police accountability and reform. In a joint letter to Governor Doug Ducey, Democratic leadership in the state house and senate asked that five specific actions be taken: -A police officer database that houses police discipline records to prevent agencies from hiring abusive officers...

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Phoenix City Council Approves Proposal Regarding Oversight of the Phoenix Police

by on February 27, 2020 0

The Phoenix City Council on Tuesday night narrowly approved Councilman Carlos Garcia’s proposal regarding new oversight for the Phoenix Police Department. The proposal passed by a 5-4 vote. Designated as Model B, Garcia’s plan creates “two new city bodies —  a Community Review Board and the Office of Accountability and Transparency — that are...

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EPA’s New Clean-Water Rules Hit Arizona Hard

by on January 28, 2020 0

Clean-water rules unveiled Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency could remove the vast majority of Arizona’s waterways from federal oversight, a change that environmentalists call bad news in a region where water is “super precious.” But Trump administration officials hailed the “common sense” changes to the Clean Water Act that they say will no...

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Governor Ducey Releases Executive Budget

by on January 22, 2020 0

Last week, Governor Doug Ducey released his fiscally responsible, balanced budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. The budget continues to make targeted, sustainable investments in the things that matter such as teacher pay raises, school safety, roads and bridges, rural jobs and technology and public safety, while returning dollars to taxpayers and saving more...

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