Ford Announces Recall SUVs For Gas Leaks That Pose Fire Hazard

By on April 11, 2024 0 48Views

Ford has announced a recall of approximately 43,000 compact SUVs due to a potential issue where fuel may escape from the fuel injectors and come into contact with hot engine components, potentially causing fires.

The recall affects specific models of Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs, with 1.5-liter engines, manufactured in 2022 and 2023.

According to Ford’s submission to U.S. safety regulators, fuel injectors have the potential to develop cracks, leading to a buildup of fuel or vapor near possible ignition sources. This could potentially result in fires.

In the documents posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website on Wednesday, dealers are set to install a tube that will direct gasoline away from hot surfaces and towards the ground under the vehicle. Additionally, they will update the engine control software to be able to identify a decrease in pressure within the fuel injection system. In the event of such a decrease, the software will take action by shutting off the high-pressure fuel pump, decreasing engine power, and lowering temperatures in the engine compartment.

Owners will receive notification of the recall via letter.

Ford has received reports of five fires in the car’s engine compartment and has replaced 14 fuel injectors under warranty. However, there have been no reports of accidents or injuries associated with these incidents.

According to an email from Ford, they will not be replacing fuel injectors as they are certain that the recall repairs will effectively prevent any future failure and ensure the safety of their customers. The updated software will also activate a warning light on the dashboard, giving customers the opportunity to safely drive to a nearby location, stop the vehicle, and arrange for necessary servicing. Ford’s NHTSA documents state that the issue only occurs in approximately 1% of their SUVs.

Ford will be providing warranty coverage for damaged fuel injectors, ensuring that affected owners receive replacements. The repairs are currently accessible and further information on the extended warranty will be released in June.

There is no evidence to suggest that fires occur when SUVs are parked and their engines are turned off. However, they are not recommending that the vehicles be exclusively parked outdoors.

According to experts, Ford’s solution for the fuel leaks is comparable to a “Band-aid” recall, as the company is attempting to evade the expense of fixing the fuel injectors.

A reported 1% failure rate is considered to be quite significant. Despite the repairs, drivers may still be required to leave the freeway at a reduced speed, potentially putting them in danger of a collision.

Experts believe that NHTSA should take further action to ensure that recalls address the underlying issues with vehicles instead of simply implementing cheaper repairs.

NHTSA is advising owners with inquiries to reach out to their local dealership or Ford directly regarding this concern.