Help The Phoenix Zoo Name Their New Baby Giraffe

By on November 21, 2023 0 23Views
Photo Credit: Phoenix Zoo

A Phoenix Zoo giraffe is a new mother.  Sunshine, a 10-year-old Masai giraffe welcomed a healthy female calf in late October.

Zookeepers at the Phoenix Zoo are on the hunt for the ideal name for the newborn and are asking for the public’s help in naming their latest addition. The baby, a healthy female giraffe, was born at a whopping a 6-foot, 175-pounds!

The zookeepers report that the female and her calf are doing fine, though it will take some time before they will be seen by visitors on the African Savanna. Meanwhile, people can still view Miguu, the 14-year-old father, and Imara, the 12-year-old female giraffe, at the Zoo.

The zookeepers have proposed five creative names for the baby giraffe all with the theme of sunshine, in honor of her mother.

Ray (Sunshine’s miniature source of illumination)

Aurora (signifying dawn in Greek)

Addae (alluding to the morning sun)

Kianga (symbolizing a female and a beam of light)

Mkali (standing for brilliant)

The deadline for voting is Monday, Nov. 27 at 12:00AM, and the zoo will reveal the winning name during the same week. To submit your vote, click here.