Video of Phoenix Councilwoman Family and Friends Using Illegal Fireworks Surfaces

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On December 1, 2010, the state of Arizona reversed its previous ban on the consumer sale and use of fireworks. This decision approved consumer fireworks that are ground and hand-held sparkling devices; cylindrical/cone fountains; illuminating torches; wheels; ground spinners; flitter sparklers; toy smoke devices; wire sparklers and dipped sticks. All cities and towns in Arizona, it is well communicated that any type of firework that explodes or detonates in the air is illegal to use year-round. Illegal fireworks include the following: sky or bottle rockets, firecrackers, and aerial fireworks.

The law didn’t stop one Phoenix city councilwoman from celebrating the 4th of July. Phoenix Councilwoman Betty Guardado was forced to apologize after she posted a video online of illegal fireworks her family & friends detonated outside of her home this past Independence Day.

The councilwoman posted several of the videos, taken by her family, to her Facebook page. They show the crime happening directly in front her home. At no point during the videos does she try to stop them from lighting the illegal fireworks. The videos have since been removed from her Facebook page.

Illegal fireworks is not just a city of Phoenix ordinance. State law bans aerial fireworks. Setting off these types of fireworks is a Class One misdemeanor that carries a fine of $1,000. It is however a tough law to uphold as by the time it is reported, and police arrive, the situation has usually disbanded. Between 2017 through 2022, the city Phoenix has only issued four citations for illegal fireworks.

Guardado issued a statement emphasizing that both her and her husband did not purchase or set off any fireworks. She has since ensured those who did have been made aware of the city’s ordinance.

No additional information has been released if there is an investigation or if action will be taken against Guardado.

Video Coverage: AZ Family/YouTube