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Child Rescued From ‘Extreme’ Abuse, Phoenix-Area Man, Woman Accused of Waterboarding Child, Lighting Her On Fire

By on April 7, 2022 0 273Views

An Arizona woman and her husband have been arrested and are accused of torturing and sexually assaulting a child.

The alleged extreme abuse occurred in December of 2021. Child welfare investigators removed the girl from a home in the area of 32nd Street and Thomas Road and she was placed into the custody of the Department of Child Safety. The child’s mother, 26-year-old Chloe Sergent and her husband, 39-year-old Keola Wimpish, were arrested on April 5 of 2022 in Glendale.

Reports show that doctors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital told police the child was extremely malnourished, had multiple cuts that were infected, and had multiple severe injuries, which included 12 broken bones. The victim required surgical intervention as part of the healing process, with the possibilities of permanent physical deformities.

The victim was able to describe to investigators details about the alleged abuse, which included being hit with multiple weapons, drowned, choked, waterboarded by Wimbish using a bucket, her nose was broken, she was lit on fire by pouring alcohol on her, burned with a metal straw, instructed to perform sexual acts, and forced to do drugs from a straw. The girl detailed that the abuse began when Wimbish had his ankle monitor removed and the abuse continued until she was removed from the home.

Court documents describe that Wimbish had another child in the home hit the girl. That  child told police he had seen Wimbish and Sergent punch the victim in the face.

In an interview with police, Wimbish told police he wasn’t aware of the child’s injuries and that he knew the child had been burned but didn’t ask about it. Wimbish couldn’t explain how the child was injured or why she did not go to a hospital. In addition, Sergent told officers she did not know how the child got hurt.

The couple is being held on a $50,000. They both are facing a felony charge in an extreme case of child abuse.