New Dog Hotel to Open for Homeless Community

By on May 3, 2021 0 905Views

Homeless pet owners will soon be provided a new place for their dogs to live while the owners transition from living on the streets to securing more permanent housing.

Hunkapi Farms has partnered with the city of Phoenix, Midwestern University, Community Bridges, Phoenix Suns Charities and other partners to launch a dog hotel.

The launch of the Sit. Stay. Heal. program is scheduled for Saturday near 96th Street and Cactus Road in Scottsdale.

The dogs can stay at the hotel for up to 16 weeks, while receiving veterinary care from the university and general support from community volunteers.

The farm renovated an unused horse barn into a shelter that can house up to 15 dogs with the help of the Midwestern University Veterinary Shelter Team.

“A large obstacle for people experiencing homelessness to seek treatment is having a pet,” Terra Schaad, executive director of Hunkapi Programs, said in a press release.

“The fear of not knowing where their four-legged friend might end up while they get rehabilitated can deter them from making any big changes. With this program, we are guaranteeing that their pets not only will be safe and taken care of but will still be theirs after they get back on their feet.”

Despite various donations and contributions to the remodel, the project requires an additional $40,000 in funding to keep the animals cool, comfortable and healthy during their stay at the farm.

To learn more about the program and volunteer opportunities, visit their website or call 480-393-0870.