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Are Child Care Centers Safe Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

by on May 19, 2020 0

Child care during the coronavirus pandemic is very different than ever before. Temperature checks, hand-washing and face masks are constants at preschools and child care centers across America. Class sizes have limits, and some lunchrooms and common areas are off-limits. The safety measures pose a constant reminder to families: These are not normal times....

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Virtual Conference To Help Parents Through Pandemic

by on April 20, 2020 0

Since March, life has changed in so many ways. The unthinkable act of our economy coming to a screeching halt has impacted everyone. One of the biggest changes and challenges for Arizona families has been adjusting to the unexpected shift to online learning.​ Parents, you are not alone in the struggle. This week, fifteen...

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Governor Ducey Signs Legislation To Support Schools, Teachers And Families

by on March 27, 2020 0

Governor Doug Ducey today signed legislation to support schools during closures, provide clarity and flexibility on statewide testing requirements and school letter grades, give direction on make-up days, require learning opportunities for students to continue, and ensure teachers and staff see no disruption in pay as a result of COVID-19. The legislation, H.B. 2910,...

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Over Half Of American Children Eat Poorly

by on March 26, 2020 0

American children are drinking fewer sugary beverages and eating more fruits, but the majority still have poor-quality diets, researchers reported Tuesday. More than half of kids, 56%, were eating meals of low nutritional value that contained too much salt, too many processed foods and not enough vegetables, according to a 17-year analysis published in...

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