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Maricopa County Overdose Deaths Rose Rapidly in 2020

by on January 4, 2021 0

A troubling trend revealed itself in 2020 regarding the increase in Maricopa County drug overdose deaths compared to 2019. Countywide, 1,752 overdose deaths were reported in 2020, with another 550 cases under investigation. That number is nearly double the total of overdose deaths in Maricopa County in 2019, which was 1,078. The sharp increase...

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How Phoenix Ranked on List of Best Cities

by on December 11, 2020 0

Phoenix recently ranked No. 55 on the annual World’s Best Cities report and No. 13 on America’s Best Cities. Arizona’s capital was lauded for its selection of arts, outdoor recreation, restaurants and attractions. Best Cities used six categories — place, product, programming, people, prosperity and promotion — that were broken down into several subcategories...

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National Restaurant Association Expects 10,000 Restaurants to Close Over Next 3 Months

by on December 9, 2020 0

The restaurant industry has been hit incredibly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  A combination of restrictions placed on restaurants and public health experts advising the public to avoid restaurants has resulted in a decline for many eateries. The National Restaurant Association said it expects that 10,000 restaurants will close in the next three months,...

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