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Millions of Passcodes Reset By AT&T After Notifying Users of Data Breach

By on April 1, 2024 0 14Views

AT&T has announced that they are currently in the process of informing their customers about the unauthorized access of personal information that was recently uncovered.

On Saturday, the telecommunications company announced that a collection of data discovered on the “dark web” includes personal details, including Social Security numbers, of approximately 7.6 million active AT&T customers and 65.4 million previous customers.

According to the company, the passcodes for current users have already been reset and they will be reaching out to account holders whose sensitive personal information was affected.

In a statement released by the company, it is unclear whether the data was obtained from AT&T or one of its vendors. The data in question is from 2019 or earlier and does not seem to contain any financial details or call history. Along with passcodes and Social Security numbers, it could potentially include email and mailing addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth.

It has been reported that the data that emerged on a hacking forum about two weeks ago bears a striking resemblance to a previous data breach that occurred in 2021, which AT&T chose not to acknowledge.

This is not the initial crisis faced by the Dallas-based company in the current year. In February, there was a disruption that caused temporary loss of mobile phone service for a large number of users in the U.S. According to AT&T, the cause of the incident was a technical coding mistake and not a deliberate attack.