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Transformation Underway of Historic Phoenix Home Into ‘Bianco-Inspired’ Eatery

By on February 12, 2024 0 27Views

A historic property in downtown Phoenix will soon be the new home to new restaurant.

According to city documents, the Seargent-Oldaker home, a 1909 brick Craftsman bungalow and former residence of well-known community figure Elizabeth Oldaker, was at risk of being torn down. However, due to a recent grant, plans have been altered. The Phoenix City Council has given the green light for a $400,000 grant, which will aid in moving the home to the lot’s northwest corner. This relocation will make it possible for the building to be repurposed as a commercial restaurant space. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and located south of Roosevelt Street.

In response to the former property owners’ request to demolish the building, Dan Garcia, the chair of Phoenix’s Historic Preservation Commission, intervened and collaborated with the owners to find a solution to preserve the house. LiveForward Development, which acquired the bungalow in June 2023, has now taken on the responsibility to save the structure. The bungalow, along with a restaurant that has yet to be named, will be relocated approximately 12 feet from its current position, allowing for the development of 100 smaller apartment units surrounding the building.

The upcoming dining establishment is influenced by renowned establishments such as The Vig, Cibo, and Pizzeria Bianco, with further information yet to be disclosed. LiveForward Development intends to relocate the site by early 2025 and initiate the building process for the workforce housing units soon after. While their focus is on providing “middle missing” housing in Phoenix, they typically develop empty sites, the company couldn’t pass up the chance to repurpose the Seargent-Oldaker residence.