ADOT Announce $50.5 Million Investment In Road Repair 

By on April 25, 2023 0 178Views

As warming weather allows the Arizona Department of Transportation to begin more permanent repairs to highways after a rough winter, the agency is reallocating $50.5 million to replace deteriorating pavement surfaces within 23 locations, most of them in northern Arizona. Funding for the pavement repair work comes from savings on other projects.

The State Transportation Board on Friday, April 21, approved ADOT’s plan to address severe roadway deterioration on segments of I-40, I-17, I-10, US 60, SR 260 and SR 77. ADOT plans to recommend $40 million for similar projects in the agency’s 2024-2029 Five-Year Construction Program.

“I’m proud to announce an over $50 million investment in fixing our roads,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “For too long, Arizona has failed to invest the money we need to protect our highways and ensure a brighter future for all Arizonans. Snow and rain this winter exposed the lack of upkeep and I’m grateful to the State Transportation Board for identifying these projects and approving these critical investments.”

The projects, which ADOT plans to begin as soon as possible, are in areas where pavement was already stressed in recent years due to age and use. The snow and rain during the record-setting winter created ideal conditions for potholes and other road surface damage in these highway stretches.

“ADOT’s goal is to deliver the safest and most reliable highway system possible with the funding we have to make improvements around the state,” said Greg Byres, ADOT State Engineer and Deputy Director for Transportation. “We know these projects to improve pavement conditions are much-needed, and we will move forward as quickly as possible.”

Depending on the project, work is expected to begin from mid-May into June. These projects will consist of removing and replacing damaged surface pavement in locations within these highway stretches:


  • both directions between Needle Mountain Road and SR 95 (MP 2-9)
  • eastbound between US 93 and Silver Springs Road (MP 72-79)
  • eastbound between Willow Ranch and Fort Rock roads (MP 88-92)
  • westbound between Cross Mountain and Willow Ranch roads (MP 95-89)
  • eastbound between Fort Rock Road and Seligman (MP 92-123)
  • both directions between Seligman and Ash Fork (MP 123-146)
  • both directions between the Riordan Bridge and I-17 (MP 190-195)
  • both directions between Walnut Canyon and Townsend-Winona roads (MP 204-211)
  • both directions between SR 99 and Tucker Flat Wash (MP 242-249)
  • both directions between Pinta and McCarrell roads (MP 319.1-330.55)


  • both directions between Sunset Point and SR 69 (MP 251-263)
  • both directions between SR 69 and SR 169 (MP 266-278)
  • northbound between SR 169 and 1 mile north of SR 179 (MP 280-300)
  • southbound between Middle Verde Road and SR 169 (MP 290-280)
  • both directions between SR 179 and the Scenic Overlook (MP 300-310)


  • both directions between US 191 and New Mexico line (MP 350-391)

SR 260

  • both directions between Rim Road and Heber (MP 282-302)
  • both directions between Knottingham Lane and fire station (MP 347.1-349.3)
  • both directions between Penrod Lane and Buck Springs Road (MP 354.1-354.4)

US 60

  • both directions between Wickenburg and SR 74 (MP 110-120)
  • both directions between Seneca and Salt River Bridge (MP 288-293)
  • both directions between Vernon and Cerro Montoso (MP 363.5-367.2)

SR 77

  • both directions between Dripping Springs and El Capitan (MP 154-163)

These projects are in addition to pavement repairs that continue in many areas. To address the recent issues, ADOT crews first applied temporary patches and now, with warmer weather, are beginning the more permanent repairs. These repairs often involve patching material or milled and recycled pavement and a heavy-compaction roller to fill in potholes or areas of pavement.

ADOT reminds motorists to slow down in work zones and give workers plenty of space.

The repairs planned for I-17 complement a $35 million paving project that’s resuming this week after winter hiatus. Alongside shorter-term pavement repairs, this project will help address rough conditions on 29 miles of southbound Interstate 17 near Flagstaff.