Free Ride-Share Carts To Launch in Scottsdale Before Super Bowl LVII

By on January 31, 2023 0 132Views

The City of Scottsdale is expecting a huge influx in tourists over the next couple of weeks! The good news is that quality, free rides will be available in Old Town Scottsdale.

Those looking for a ride, will be able to call for one through a mobile app to take them through Scottsdale’s entertainment district at no charge. GEST Carts will launch their ride-share service the week of Feb. 5 — just in time for the WM Phoenix Open and the Super Bowl. Scottsdale is anticipating both events will bring big crowds and foot traffic to Old Town Scottsdale and GEST will be prepared to help.

GEST is an acronym for Green Easy Safe Transportation, and its carts are 100% electric.

“We’re going to roll it out with anticipation of ramping up for the [WM Phoenix] Open, Super Bowl week, Barrett-Jackson, spring training and all of the things that make Arizona awesome during the spring and summer,” said Jason Pritchett, a partner in GEST Carts in Arizona. “The carts are air-conditioned and enclosed. … This will be a little bit more on the luxurious side, but the fun thing is that it’s free.”

Users will not be expected to pay for the rides, revenue from cart fares, will come from the carts wrapped in advertisements. A program that has been successful in other cities, Pritchett said advertisers on the GEST Carts included Budweiser and Procter & Gamble.

Click here for more information on GEST rides in Scottsdale.