Free Shipping Day Is Today

By on December 14, 2022 0 209Views

With the busy time of the holidays, those still looking to pick up a few more gifts may want to take advantage of today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 is officially designated as free shipping. A day where consumers can shop online from a wide variety of retailers who offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. Statistics show, this day drives more revenue than any other day for retailers. 

It features more than 1000 big-name and niche online retailers. All you need to do is sit in the comfort of your home, and get everything you need for your family and friends, without paying a penny for shipping.

History of Free Shipping Day

In 2008, Maisie Knowles and Luke started this day. They were the founder of Coupon Sherpa as well as This day was started as an effort to extend and expand online shopping during the season.

The first year, many merchants participated and it gained high media attention. In 2009, more than 750 retailers participated and 350,000 sales took place. The merchant participation doubled every year and was also featured on NBC’s Today Show, Fox business, CNN, and CBS’s Early Show.

Fast forward to ten years, the day has become a permanent entry in the holiday shopping. It has garnered high profile media attention and thousands of visitors to the platform. Almost all retailers partner to capture sales from shoppers who are eager to fulfill their holiday shopping in late December. Early birds can enjoy the Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales, but procrastinators can rejoice the benefits offered by Free Shipping Day.

Studies show that offering free shipping can increase sales by almost 90%. The Free Shipping Day has also outdone Black Friday over year and generated more revenue and in a period of just 24 months, the holiday became the third most popular online shopping holiday for eCommerce.

In the last ten years of celebration, the day has achieved many important milestones. It has the record-breaking statistics of earning more than $1 billion sales within a few years of initial events. When the team of free shipping decided to tighten the participation requirement and asked merchants to waive the minimum order threshold, the feedback from shoppers was overwhelmingly positive. Free Shipping continues to be one of the most awaited shopping festivals among hard core shoppers.

Happy shopping today!