Lime E-Scooters Rolling Back Into Phoenix

By on June 16, 2022 0 505Views

After more than two years away, Lime is scooting back into Phoenix.

This week, Lime returns to Phoenix with an updated version of their electric scooters.

“Lime is thrilled to be back and grateful for the opportunity to provide Phoenix residents and visitors with a safe, sustainable and equitable way of getting around,” Karla Owunwanne, senior director of government relations for the San Francisco-based shared electric vehicle company, said in a press release.

In early 2020, the company was struggling to achieve profitability. Lime made the decision pull out of the Phoenix market and 11 other U.S. cities where their profit margin was low.

However, Lime makes their return to the streets of Phoenix with their cheerful green two-wheelers. The other shared scooter companies currently in the market are Spin, Bird and Razor. The company will deploy their Gen4 scooters, which have two-sided kickstands which help keep them from being knocked over when parked. The Gen4 model also has swept-back handlebars with allows for more comfortable grips, dual hand brakes, larger wheels for a smoother, more stable ride and a lower baseboard for easier use. This model also has swappable batteries, which makes it to keep them charged.

“We look forward to working with the city and with our community partners to ensure our shared electric vehicles help Phoenix continue to grow equitably and sustainably, create local jobs and spur economic activity as this city continues to thrive,” Owunwanne said.

With the return of Lime to Phoenix, they are also now offering their Lime Access equity program. This program reduces the cost for low-income users. Phoenix residents that are eligible for federal, state or city subsidies, including Medicaid or SNAP, are able to  participate in this program.