Maricopa County Help Residents Fight The Bite

By on June 9, 2022 0 266Views

Warmer temperatures means bodies are outside enjoying pools, parks and summertime. One pesty problem this time of year, which can also be deadly, are mosquitos. Maricopa County has launched a new website that provides helpful information on how residents can reduce the Mosquito population and avoid getting bit.

Mosquito bites are more than an irritation, they can cause serious illnesses that sometimes turn fatal. West Nile virus (WNV) is a disease caused by a virus that is spread through mosquito bites. While many people may not have any symptoms, others can become very ill and even die from the virus. In 2021, more than 1,400 cases were recorded in Maricopa County.

Mosquitoes are active in Arizona year-round, however they are more prevalent between March and October.

To avoid being bitten, the new website offers three helpful tips.

  1. Repel – Protecting yourself and others. Use insect repellent when you go outdoors, especially the tie between dusk and dawn. Choose an EPA-registered repellent such as those with DEET, picardin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR3535, Para-menthane-diol, 2-undecanone. Covering up with long-sleeve shirts, long pants and socks is also a good idea.
  2. Remove & Repair – Do your part in your own yard. You can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding by depriving them of water, which is how they breed. Dump and toss even the smallest amounts of standing water from your yard. Plant pots, bird baths, kiddie pools, buckets and fountains are some of the places where
    mosquitos can breed.
  3. Remind- Educate your friends, family and neighbors to help them protect themselves and share the tips for avoiding bites.

The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department deploys more than 800 mosquito traps every week, according to the release. People can use the website to view trap locations and dates of treatment.

Click here to visit the new site to learn more.