Valley Doctor Warns Against Viral Milk Crate Challenge

By on August 27, 2021 0 470Views

Attention parents, there is a new crazy trend that your teen may want to try.  Doctors are advising, not to do it for a variety of reasons.

Videos that have racked up millions of views show people attempting to walk up and down high stacks of empty milk crates. Most of the results end in failure and are painful-to-watch.

A Valley doctor is coming forward and speaking out in attempt to educate parents and young adults about the dangers of the latest viral social media challenge referred to as the “milk crate challenge.”

From police officers to NFL mascots, it seems everyone is doing it and the trend can lead to major issues.

A resident in Ohio Deonte Boyd, didn’t take on the challenge himself but he is the man behind the camera. He and his friends have organized the so-called challenges and Boyd films the flops for his YouTube channel.

“Every day it got deeper and deeper and deeper and next thing you know on the fourth day we probably had two hundred or three hundred people out there,” Boyd said.

“I dropped a YouTube video yesterday. It got like a thousand [views],” Boyd said.

Boyd said volunteers are willing to climb the mountain of milk crates for money.

“We had someone win $900, $600, $1,200,” Boyd said.

Dr. Moneesh Bhow, medical director for the emergency department at Banner University, said the price that will be paid is a trip to the emergency room.

TikTok, where most of these videos are being posted, is currently making an effort to remove the viral videos and has gone so far to disable the ability to search for the term “milk crate challenge.”

“You’re definitely looking at potential head injuries, C spine injuries and some of them are landing on their back as well so you’re looking at back and spinal cord injuries. Then you have the soft tissue injuries and broken bones,” said Dr. Bhow.

Possible concussions, knocking your teeth out, broken ribs and fractured wrists are also some additional concerns that can happen during this senseless challenge.

Milk crates are not meant to be stacked and climbed. The inevitable will occur and it might result in a permanent injury. Bhow’s advice is simple. “Do not do it,” he said.