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590 Miles of Phoenix Streets Received Pavement Treatment in 2020

By on December 9, 2020 0 699Views

The city of Phoenix reported on Monday its most expansive paving season in history, resurfacing a record-breaking 590 miles of city streets this year.

The total mileage marks approximately 130 more miles than last year’s total, and makes up 12% of the city’s streets, according to a press release.

“Phoenix residents chose to invest in their future by approving Transportation 2050 and we are fulfilling that choice by improving our city streets at a record-setting pace,” Thelda Williams, Phoenix City Councilwoman and Chair of the Transportation, Infrastructure and Innovation City Council Subcommittee, said in the release.

“Public safety, economic development and education all depend on properly paved streets and it is critical to do as much as we can during the paving season.”

The city introduced a new concept this year named the “Cool Pavement Pilot Program,” where asphalt was treated with a lighter color in order to make roads cooler at night.

The cool pavement was applied in certain residential neighborhoods and one city park parking lot, covering 36 miles.

In addition to the improved roads, more than 40 miles of new bicycle lanes were installed throughout the city while approximately 30 miles of bicycle lanes received an upgrade of buffers, according to the release.

The street transportation department says more than 3,000 curb ramps on sidewalks were also upgraded to meet ADA standards.

City residents can check on completed and planned street projects online.