Another Excessive Heat Warning This Week For Phoenix Area

By on August 12, 2020 0 678Views

The Arizona monsoon season is having trouble getting started this year. The Phoenix area continues to undergo a summer of record-breaking temperatures.  Starting Wednesday, residents should be aware the valley will be under another excessive heat warning.

The National Weather Service issued a warning on Monday that calls for forecasts expected for Phoenix and the surrounding areas to see a high temperature of at least 111 degrees up 113 degrees expected for Thursday through at least Monday.

During the heat warning, it is important that people stay hydrated, limit your time outside, stay inside air-conditioned buildings, and check in on elderly family members and neighbors.

Be aware of heat-related illnesses warning signs, which can include headache and nausea, heavy sweating, muscle cramps, and weakness.

The official excessive heat warning will be in effect for the Phoenix area from now until Monday, August 17th at 8 p.m.

Saturday marked 33 days in a calendar year with temperatures at or above 110 degrees in Phoenix. This tied the record set in 2011.

The average temperature in July in Phoenix was 99 degrees, which made it officially the hottest month in the city’s history.