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Department of Health Services Announces Testing Blitz Expanded An Additional Two Weeks

By on May 19, 2020 0 824Views

Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), in partnership with healthcare partners across the state, announced today that the Arizona Testing Blitz will be expanded an additional two weeks. Arizona Testing Blitz events were held on May 2, May 9, and the third event will be held on Saturday, May 16. There are more than 70 sites participating this Saturday and testing will be available to anyone who thinks they have been exposed to and could be infected with COVID-19, based on criteria set by each testing site.

People who visit an Arizona Testing Blitz site can get a PCR test, which is a diagnostic test that determines if a person is currently infected with COVID-19. The cost of the test will vary by site depending on which healthcare partner is providing the testing and you may be required to pre-register. Anyone interested in getting tested as part of the Arizona Testing Blitz should visit azhealth.gov/TestingBlitz for a full list of sites, instructions on how to preregister if it is required by the healthcare provider, and contact information for the providers.

“To slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities we need to identify cases and perform contact tracing, and the Arizona Testing Blitz is helping us to learn more about how the disease is spreading in our state,” said Dr. Cara Christ, ADHS director. “While there have been thousands of diagnostic tests during the Saturday Testing Blitz events, we are pleased that testing has also been increasing during the week. I want to thank all of our healthcare partners from across the state for participating in the Arizona Testing Blitz. This could not be done without their incredible support.”

More than 5,400 PCR tests were done at 32 sites around the state during the first day of the Arizona Testing Blitz on May 2. On the second Saturday of the Arizona Testing Blitz on May 9, there were more than 50 sites participating and more than 9,700 PCR tests done. With additional awareness of testing locations and availability of testing supplies, diagnostic testing has greatly increased across the state with over 37,000 diagnostic tests reported the first week of May compared to under 12,000 PCR tests reported the first week of April, a 200% increase in tests.

As part of the Arizona Testing Blitz, drive-through or onsite testing will be available at various locations across the state. Arizonans can find the nearest testing location and hours of operation as well as pre-register by visiting azhealth.gov/TestingBlitz.

For more information about the COVID-19 response in Arizona, go online to azhealth.gov/COVID19.