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10 Ways To Keep Germs From Spreading When Someone In Your Household Is Sick

By on February 24, 2020 0 1154Views

‘Tis the season for the flu, cold and other viruses. As of last month, The Arizona Department of Health Services reported more than 10,000 flu cases so far this season in the state, nearly doubling the number of flu cases during this time last year. We know germs can spread quickly when someone in the house is sick.

  1. Wear a mask to stop the spread of germs if you are sick. If you are healthy and taking care of someone else, wear a mask to help protect yourself.
  2. Stock up on sanitizing wipes.
  3. Use those wipes to clean things you may not think about like the refrigerator handle, handles on cabinets and drawers, light switches and doorknobs. Don’t forget computers, tablets and phones. Do this a couple times a day.
  4. Wash your hands with hot soap and water often. If you can’t do that, use hand sanitizer. Keep some in every room so it’s easily accessible.
  5. While someone’s sick in the house, use paper plates, as well as plastic cups and utensils.
  6. Change out pillowcases often while a person is sick. Be sure to wash linens in the hottest water you can.
  7. Try to contain whoever’s sick in their bedroom
  8. Keep the TV remote control in a clear plastic bag like a Ziploc. There will be lots of time probably spent watching tv when someone is sick. It’ll work fine, minus those germs from a sick person’s hands.
  9. Wipe down surfaces in bathrooms often. Sanitize the toilet flush handle and faucets.
  10. Sanitize the air freshener bottle in the bathroom. This is often forgotten.

Viruses will generally live for about 48 hours on surfaces. So, try these tips for a healthier home this winter season.