Arizona Has Bump In Voter Registration

By on August 8, 2019 0 605Views

According to an official release from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office in its quarterly report, there has been a slight bump in voter’s registration over the past few months.

The report stated that the number of registered voters stepped upward from 3.7 million in April over to 3.8 million active users at present. That is a 6% increase since the last presidential elections held in 2016.

Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State, noted that the increase signified that more people are interested in taking part in next year’s local and state government election. Still there are about 400,000 voters who continue to be inactive.

Republicans maintained a slight edge over Democrats and Independents in the states rural counties where the party accumulated more that 16,386 new registrants. That accounted to 60% of the new registrants. Democrats flexed some muscles in Maricopa, the state’s largest county, where they outnumbered Republicans 9,822 to 8,179.