Javelina Found On Central Phoenix Golf Course

By on June 28, 2019 0 2405Views

Video from ABC 15 Arizona

A Phoenix resident spotted a massive javelina in the most unusual of places in the valley.

The resident captured the cute critter as he helped the Encanto Golf Course superintendent maintain the fairway roughs during an unexpected appearance this week. The javelina was found roaming near the Encanto Park, outside of the Enchanted Island Amusement Park.

Encanto golf course manager Reggie Campos was perplexed as to how the animal ended up downtown. “That’s the first time I’d ever seen a javelina on the golf course.”

According to the Arizona Game and Fish department’s website, javelinas are common in Arizona, including southern Arizona and are occasionally spotted in Flagstaff, however javelinas on a golf course are very rare in this neighborhood.

While some people consider this species “cute”, javelinas are arguably ugly animals and possess an unpleasant odor which is why they are referred to as “musk hogs”. They are wild pigs but are members of the “peccary” family that originated in South America. Arizona javelinas have become quite accustomed to being in close proximity to humans and in most cases will ignore people. However, they can be aggressive and if provoked or feel threatened will defend themselves.

If you ever find yourself close to a javelina, back away slowly. It is always recommended to keep your distance if you come in contact, they are very dangerous.