Local esthetician shares top skin treatments for summer

By on June 24, 2019 0 1137Views

The skin care and beauty industry continue to innovate with new formulas, tools and customizable therapies that cater to a variety of inclusive audiences. As the beauty community becomes globalized through media, skin care has integrated traditional cultural practices and fused revolutionary techniques to appeal to consumers who seek the latest and greatest in the industry. Chelsea Van Note, a licensed medical esthetician at Zona Med Spa, decoded the top five summertime beauty and skin treatments.


This exfoliating treatment uses a small blade tool to remove dead skin from the skin’s outermost surface- revealing a smooth and bright complexion underneath. By exfoliating frequently, skin tone becomes more even, pores become unclogged, and other products can penetrate more effectively. After a Dermaplaning treatment, clients can expect rapid results and enjoy a soft and clean face right out of their local spa or esthetician’s office.


Chelsea described the HydraFacial as essentially “wet microdermabrasion.” For a 30 minute session, the treatment targets dry and congested areas of the skin and gently cleanses and hydrates the surface with a special vacuum (combining skin superfoods like hyaluronic acid) to leave skin radiant and moisturized. Zona Med describes the HydraFacial as a 3 step system that “cleanses, hydrates, and protects” the skin using “peel, suction, and moisture” to reveal a dewy appearance.


Chelsea noted that younger clients have been focusing primarily on developing preventive practices into their skin care routine to combat aging. Injections such as Botox, lip augmentation, Kybella, and chin augmentation have become increasingly more requested as they gain recognition through social media outlets. Each treatment has its formulas, treatment time and suggested number of treatments based on the aesthetic and feel that the client is seeking.

Lasers and photo facials

For clients who have spent a little too much time basking in the summer rays, a photo facial is used to treat pigmentation issues and sun damage concerns such as red spots and burns. In a 45 minute session, a series of light pulses pass through the skin and brown spots eventually peel from the surface. Zona Med Spa recommends doing a set of 3 treatments to maximize results and effectiveness. It is important to note that photo facials will NOT combat serious skin issues, and an SPF of 30-50 is recommended for everyday wear to avoid skin cancer and sun damage.

Micro Needling

This 45-minute treatment involves the use of a tool with small fine needles (micro-needles) to assist with collagen production and reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. The technique is also considered by skin care professionals and dermatologists as minimally invasive and can treat multiple areas of the body, including the neck, arms, legs, and back.