ADOT Launches Name-A-Snowplow Contest 

By on October 4, 2022 0 264Views

The Arizona Department of Transportation has 200 snowplows and is calling on the public to give names to some of them.

Arizona’s high country receives a tremendous amount of snowfall and Flagstaff is one of the snowiest cities in the country – and it’s past time to properly recognize the vitally important, high-use heavy machinery. ADOT snowplows clear snowfall from highways during and after winter storms, lay down de-icer and are even put to work during the spring, summer and fall to push mud, boulders and debris off highways after rainstorms

“When snowstorms hit and most Arizonans are safe and warm at home, our snowplows and their operators are out playing a critical role for roadway safety,” ADOT Director John Halikowski said. “Snowplows are giant, imposing pieces of equipment and we want the public to play a role in naming them so they can feel a stronger connection to the snowplow and operator. Our hope is that this increased personal connection will lead Arizona drivers to give snowplows plenty of room, respect passing distances and practice safe driving in winter conditions. We invite kids, adults and everyone in between to send us their creative, fun snowplow names!”

Here’s how ADOT’s Name-A-Snowplow contest works:

  • Brainstorm clever, creative snowplow names with family, friends, colleagues or classmates and submit them at through Oct. 13. Send us as many names as you like. You have the option to include your name and email address so we can contact you if your snowplow name is a winner.
  • ADOT will review the submitted names and in late October will reveal 10-15 finalists. The public will then vote for their favorite snowplow names.
  • The three snowplow names that receive the most public votes will be immortalized for eternity – or the life of the vehicle, whichever comes first – with a decal on the driver side of the snowplow cab.

Looking for inspiration? Plowy McPlowFace, Emperor Plowpatine, Ctrl Salt Delete and The Big Leplowski are some of the names that have been given to snowplows in other states.

Snowplow names can be submitted at Oct. 4-13.