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TSA Reminds Passengers To Not Bring Firearms To Airport Security Checkpoints

by on April 21, 2023 0

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers intercepted 1,508 firearms at airport security checkpoints during the first quarter of 2023, which ended March 31, averaging 16.8 firearms caught per day. More than 93% of the firearms were loaded. The number of firearm catches during the first quarter represents a 10.3% increase over the same period in...

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Spring Rains Means More Seasonal Allergies, Tips On How To Get Relief

by on March 28, 2023 0

Higher than normal amounts of rain this winter and spring may bring extra agony for Phoenix-area allergy sufferers. “The extra rains can create extra weeds, especially ragweed, which is a known irritant for people with seasonal allergies,’’ said Devin Minor, MD, physician executive at Banner Urgent Care. Banner Urgent Care, which has locations throughout...

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This Spring, Bloom and Learn with New Phoenix Landscaping Classes!

by on March 16, 2023 0

This spring, homeowners can take their landscaping skills to the next level with cutting-edge techniques taught by water-efficiency experts in partnership with Phoenix Water Services, Watershed Management Group, and SRP. With most residential water use occurring outside, it’s crucial to incorporate modern landscape designs and learn about alternative water collection and reuse to reduce...

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CPSC Promotes Fuel Container Safety During National Consumer Protection Week

by on March 6, 2023 0

During National Consumer Protection Week (March 5-11) the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is reminding consumers about hazards associated with fuel containers, gasoline, and other liquid fuels. Vapors from these liquids are invisible and dangerous. Each year, thousands of people go to hospital emergency departments with burn injuries related to flammable liquids. Many burn...

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