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Trump’s New Press Secretary Has Arizona Connection

by on June 26, 2019 0

Melania Trump recently announced that her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, will replace Sarah Sanders as the White House press secretary. Grisham has been working with the Trumps since 2015. She will take over the position of White House communications director. Previously, Grisham worked in the West Wing as a deputy press secretary. She was offered...

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Kevin Patterson shares insight on being a dad

by on June 12, 2019 0

Kevin Patterson is an active community advocate and the Senior Director of Human Resources for Maricopa Integrated Health System. However, his most significant role is being a dad to two daughters, Cayden and Cayla. Being a parent is a heavy responsibility with lots of lessons along the way. Kevin shared insight about being a...

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Cosplay provides creativity and fun for comic community

by on June 6, 2019 0

Each year comic fanatics dress as their favorite fictional characters while attending Phoenix Fan Fusion in downtown Phoenix. Oftentimes fans create their own costumes with careful planning and creativity. This is known as cosplay, the name derived from the combination of the words costume and play. Cosplay allows people to express themselves through the...

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Goals Are For Losers

by on May 30, 2019 0

In the heart of The Upper Middle, lives and works Arizona’s #1 Female-Led Mortgage Team – The Lizy Hoeffer Team.  Contrary to conventional thinking that populates every self-help guru’s mantra, Lizy’s success isn’t defined by setting specific goals.  Rather, she believes setting goals are for losers. For Lizy Hoeffer, a senior loan officer with...

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Teen activists energize climate action at town hall

by on May 28, 2019 0

For years, climate change and environmental issues have proved to be the human rights puzzle that politicians and scientists have yet to solve. However, Greta Thunberg, a fervent student climate activist from Sweden, decided to take a stand against this period of inefficiency and staged a strike by walking out of school and demanding...

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