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Paradise Valley Dentist Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Wife While On Safari

By on August 22, 2023 0 70Views

A judge has sentenced a Paradise Valley dentist to life in prison for killing his wife while on an African safari.

In a Denver federal court on Monday, Larry Rudolph was sentenced for murder in the 2016 death of his wife Bianca Rudolph and for mail fraud. Rudolph cashed in $5 million in insurance policies for his wife. During trial, prosecutors said he intended to live a lavish retirement with his longtime mistress Lori Milliron with the insurance money. In June, Milliron was sentenced to 17 years in prison after being convicted of being an accessory.

Lori Milliron

During his trial, Rudolph claimed that his wife’s death in the southern African nation of Zambia, was an accident. Prosecutors argued during his trial that Rudolph, shot his wife of 34 years in the heart with a shotgun on their last morning in Zambia. He then put the gun in its soft case to make it appear that she had accidentally shot herself while packing. The couple had been hunting game during their trip. His lawyers are planning to appeal Rudolph’s conviction.

In addition to the life sentence handed down by the judge, additional penalties for Rudolph include fines and property forfeiture. Rudolph also received a 20-year prison term to be served at the same time as his life sentence.

In addition to being convicted of killing his wife Bianca, Rudolph was found guilty in federal court last year for mail fraud for cashing in nearly $5 million in insurance policies for his wife.

Prosecutors also allege Rudolph has been involved in additional fraud cases. It has been reported that he shot off his thumb during a previous visit to Zambia to collect millions in disability insurance money. It is also alleged that he cheated his dental patients, creating the need for root canals when they were not needed, or drilling holes in their teeth while they were asleep.