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Phoenix Dad Plays Video Games While Infant Drowns in Bathtub

By on April 7, 2023 0 254Views

Police have arrested a Phoenix father after they suspect he left his infant son to drown in a bath while he played video games.

On Tuesday, at a home near 27th Avenue and Broadway Road, 37-year-old Sione Kafokuota Pulotu called 911 after discovering his 7-month-old son Leka face down in the bathtub. Court documents detail that the boy was rushed to the hospital here he was found to be brain dead.

According to court, Pulotu told police that he was alone with his son while his girlfriend, the boy’s mother, was working. The mother’s three other children were at school at the time. Pulotu reported to officers that he was with his son in the bedroom, playing a video game while the baby slept for most of the morning.

Sometime around 11:30 a.m., Pulotu saw that Leka was sweaty and made the decision to bathe him before going to his mother-in-law’s house. He placed the baby into an infant bathtub and filled the bathtub up with water to the baby’s chest. He then said he left the bathroom to continue playing his video game.

He said he could see into the bathroom through a one inch slit between the door and the frame. Court documents report that he heard the child splashing the water while he was sitting on his bed. He continued to play video games for another 10 minutes.

When Leka became silent, Pulotu checked on the infant and found his face entirely in the water. He said he called 911 right away. Pulotu told police he called 911 around 1:15 p.m. Court documents determined the call for help was at least one hour after he said he had placed Leka into the bathtub. He admitted to police he was aware it was dangerous to leave a baby in a bathtub alone.

The Phoenix Fire Department want to remind parents and caregivers that drownings can occur without proper supervision and that it only takes a couple inches of water for a child to drown in. Never leave a child unattended in water.

Pulotu has been booked into jail on one charge of child abuse.