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MCSO Seizes Nearly 500 Suspected Fentanyl Pills From Newly Booked Inmates

By on February 17, 2023 0 147Views

MCSO Detention Officers continue to make safety and wellbeing a priority in the jails. Over the last few days, they have seized nearly 500 pills suspected to be fentanyl during the booking process at the Intake, Transfer and Release facility (ITR).

The first incident happened during a routine inmate search when what appeared to be an AA battery fell from the inmate’s pocket. The battery was inspected and yielded approximately six suspected fentanyl pills.

The second and third incidents also occurred during routine searches at the time of booking. These inmates were in possession of approximately 70 pills.

The fourth seizure involved a female inmate who had over 200 pills concealed in her person. During a urine sample conducted by Correctional Health Services (CHS), two blue pills fell out of her body into the cup of urine. The inmate was searched, and pills started falling out of her body onto the floor due to bags being torn open in her body. Initially, 150 pills were found and CHS sent her to the ER as a precaution. Once at the hospital, she consented to a medical body cavity search where 50 additional pills were located inside her, which had already started to dissolve.

The latest seizure occurred on February 12, while an inmate was being dressed out during the booking process. An Officer observed the inmate attempting to conceal an unknown item between his legs into the MCSO-issued socks. The inmate was instructed to remove the item and approximately 200 pills were discovered.

“Our Detention Officers remain committed to protecting both our employees and our incarcerated population from dangerous drugs such as fentanyl,” said Sheriff Paul Penzone. “I’m proud of the work they do every day.”