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Flying Out of Phoenix After The Super Bowl? Here is What You Need To Know and Tips If You Leave Something Behind

By on February 13, 2023 0 59Views

Post Super Bowl Monday is expected to be a very busy day in the Arizona skies. Phoenix International Sky Harbor Airport is expecting to break a record with tens of thousands of people leaving the Grand Canyon State following the Super Bowl and the WM Phoenix Open.

On an average day, 120,000 travelers travel in and out of Sky Harbor, however airport authorities are expects Monday’s number to be around 180,000. There will be an estimated 1,500 take-offs and landings at the airport on Monday, that is approximately 300 more than a normal day.

Best advice to travelers leaving the sunshine is to plan for a busy day at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Arrive early and check your flight status before you come to the airport.

The airport is asking travelers to remember 5-4-3-2-1.

  • 5 hours before departure – Check out of your hotel.
  • 4 hours before departure – Turn in your rental car.
  • 3 hours before departure – Check in at ticket counter.
  • 2 hours before departure – Get in line at TSA security checkpoint.
  • 1 hours before departure – Be at your gate.Stay up to date on flight times, delays and additional information about traveling through PHX at SkyHarbor.com.

Another helpful tip is if you are traveling with Super Bowl LVII game day programs or souvenirs, they recommend storing it all in carry-on luggage. Programs placed in checked luggage may cause false alarms from screen equipment and delay operations.

If You Leave Something Behind At Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – What Do You Do?

In the hectic pace of getting through the airport on one of the busiest days Phoenix Sky Harbor will see, something might have inadvertently been left behind. If you lose an item while traveling through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, here is what you need to do to try to recover your belongings.

All travelers who have left item(s) have 30 days to make a claim to the TSA Contact Center. After 30 days, the airline they flew with or the city of Phoenix will send unclaimed items away. Click here for details.

When reporting a lost item be sure to include:
-The date
-Name of airline traveled
-The checkpoint that they were at
-A full description of the lost items
-Email address
-Phone number

If a traveler leaves an item a security checkpoint, a TSO or an officer takes that item to the security supervisor’s desk and the supervisor creates a report on the item.

All items found throughout the airport such as bathrooms, restaurants, on an outside curb or on a sky train are grouped into categories, such as jewelry, electronics, or clothing. The items are labeled, dated, and stored in plastic bags inside holding cabinets.

An estimated 3,000 items per month are found in Sky Harbor. However, not all of the items are held by the TSA. Approximately 1,800 items are turned over to TSA, and the other items are sent to the city of Phoenix or the individual airlines’ lost and found departments.

If the rightful owner does not claim their property in 30 days, the airport will send those items to be recycled. Other items like licenses, credit cards and COVID-19 cards are put into a shredder and destroyed.

It is a hard job reuniting a traveler with their missing item, but it can be done and airport officials work hard to make it happen.

Click here for information at Phoenix Sky Harbor Lost and Found.