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City of Phoenix District 1 Announces A Pilot Program To Test Lockbox Key Program For Emergencies

By on January 15, 2023 0 341Views

In partnership with the Phoenix Fire Department and the Phoenix REALTORS, seniors and adults with disabilities within District 1 in Phoenix can now apply for a lockbox to be installed on the exterior of their homes for emergency access. Similar to existing programs in Scottsdale and Chandler, these lockboxes will contain a key to the home, possible medical information such as known prescriptions, pre-existing medical conditions, allergies to medications, as well as any access cards needed to gain entry. The code to the lockboxes will be archived with 911 dispatchers and will be provided to first responders answering an emergency call.

The intention of this program is to prevent forced entry into homes where the caller may not be physically capable of answering the door. As of now, our first responders must force entry by breaking a window or door – causing damage to the residence.

“I’m thankful for the partnership with the Phoenix REALTORS and for their continued commitment to the safety of all our residents,” Councilwoman O’Brien said. “This program will allow our first responders to safely enter a home and help our most vulnerable residents quicker and without damaging their property.”

The Phoenix REALTORS has committed to donating 100 lockboxes for the pilot program with a larger commitment to continue to partner at full buildout. Similar partnerships are utilized in the same program found in Scottsdale and Chandler with their realtors’ associations.

“With time and information being at a premium when emergencies arise, we are grateful for the opportunity to help both vulnerable residents and first responders when precious seconds are at stake by providing lockboxes,” said Butch Leiber, president of Phoenix REALTORS. “We look forward to seeing results from the pilot and eager to help expand the program by working collaboratively with the City of Phoenix and Phoenix Fire Department.”

“I’ve always been committed to seeing what other cities are doing surrounding public safety and engaging in best practices,” Councilwoman O’Brien continues. “This program is a shining example of what other cities are doing right and implementing similar programs in Phoenix.”

If you’re a District 1 resident who is over the age of 65 or are an adult with disabilities, you can visit this website to apply for the pilot program.