Clint Hickman Elected Chairman of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

By on January 12, 2023 0 220Views
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Clint Hickman is taking the gavel again in Maricopa County.  The longest current-serving member of the Board of Supervisors was elected Chairman by his colleagues today, his third time in that role.

As Chairman in 2020, he led the County through the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing life-saving public health measures and overseeing efficient public assistance programs. As Chairman, he also resisted calls to stop counting votes in the November 2020 General Election and attempts by high-profile individuals to overturn results.

At the “Passing of the Gavel” ceremony Wednesday, Hickman focused his remarks on what the County can do to meet the demands of a new economy where affordable housing is tough to come by and skilled workers are in high demand.

“Since 2020, this Board has invested tens of millions of dollars in long-term infrastructure, particularly affordable housing,” said Hickman, “In 2023, many of those infrastructure projects will be completed and available to residents.  This is great news for folks in need now, and it’s essential for future quality of life in our region.”

Chairman Hickman said he’d like to see more focus on job training programs like those run by the County’s workforce development team.  In 2022, Maricopa County devoted an unprecedented $14.5 million to job training efforts.

“Learning a skill and getting a better job doesn’t just pay the bills; it feels good,” he said.

Hickman mentioned increased homelessness and a taxed regional water supply as two priorities, but emphasized they require cooperation and commitment at all levels of government.  He spoke at length about the scourge of fentanyl and his desire to punish those bringing the deadly drug into our community.  And while 2023 is not a major election year, Hickman signaled that he’s open to conversations with state legislators about ways to improve election administration in Arizona.

“Let’s sit down and have a conversation about real changes to election laws that will make our state the envy of others.”

Clint Hickman has served on the Board of Supervisors, representing District 4, since 2013.  He was elected Chairman unanimously today by his colleagues and takes over for Bill Gates.

You can learn more about Chairman Hickman’s priorities on the District 4 website at 4.