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Woman Accused of Collecting $11K Through Fake GoFundMe, Claiming Young Daughter Had Brain Cancer

By on November 1, 2022 0 219Views

A Phoenix mother has been arrested and being accused of establishing a GoFundMe account on the fake claim that her daughter had brain cancer.

Monique Alexis Coria, 28, was taken into custody on Oct. 17 after it was discovered nearly $11,000 was raised out of the kindness of others to support the care of the woman’s baby battling what many thought was cancer. However, the funds collected went to pay bills and buy luxury items.

On Oct. 5, staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital called police to report Coria and her husband brought in their 1-year-old girl in for “unnecessary medical procedures” and claimed the baby had brain cancer. Court paperwork says staff told officers that the parents had started a GoFundMe, claiming their baby had brain cancer and that they “needed money to pay for the medical bills.”

However, staff confirmed to police the baby was never diagnosed with brain cancer and did not have brain cancer.

Allegedly, in the mother’s efforts to raise more funds, Coria posted videos on TikTok about the baby and the alleged medical condition. It is estimated that the parents raised over $11,000 on the GoFundMe before the account was shut down. Staff also informed police the parents were accepting donations on  money-sharing apps, like Zelle, CashApp, Venmo and LinkTree.

After a thorough investigation, Oct. 13, police and Department of Child Safety officials went to Coria’s apartment located near Thunderbird and Cave Creek Roads. Coria informed the officers that the baby did have seizures and takes medication for condition. She did admit that her daughter did not brain cancer. She informed police that a friend started the GoFundMe account. Court documents state Coria admitted that the baby was never diagnosed with cancer but, confessed to making TikTok videos stating the baby had cancer because she was in a bad place. Her story changed when she informed officers that her husband was the one who created the GoFundMe, because they needed money for gas and rent.

Police reports show that Coria shared with detectives that the couple received nearly $11,000 from donations. $4,000 of it was spent on rent and gas. During the questioning,  Coria admitted both her and her husband were fully aware that their baby did not have brain cancer and what they were doing was a fraudulent way to ask for money.

During a police interview with the husband, he said his wife told him their daughter had a medical condition and was having seizures. He claims that Coria set up and created the GoFundMe account under his name. He admitted that the two spent the money on rent, clothes, food, a vehicle, toys, TV, and medication. However, investigators reported that Coria also spent the donated money on luxury items, such a Gucci wallet and a Dyson Airwrap.

Coria and her husband were arrested at their apartment. Coria has been booked on one count of fraudulent schemes.