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Police Recover Over 1,000 Catalytic Converters in Phoenix Storage Unit

By on May 27, 2022 0 224Views

Phoenix police have made an arrest in a suspected catalytic converter theft ring.

On Thursday afternoon, officers recovered more than 1,200 used and detached catalytic converters from a storage unit at 37th and Washington streets.

The investigation began in January after the Phoenix police department received a tip about someone possibly storing a large number of catalytic converters near 36th and Washington streets.

Detectives conducted surveillance on the suspect for several months and did meticulous police work to gather evidence. During the investigation, detectives witness the suspect doing hand-to-hand purchases of the parts. They were able to trace the stolen car parts to the storage unit through their investigation.

Phoenix police obtained a search warrant to the unit, where they found more than 1,200 catalytic converters inside the storage unit. Police say the majority of the parts are believed to be stolen, with most items having cuts indicating they were removed from vehicles.

The Phoenix Police Department estimates the found goods are estimated at over $100,000 in property value.

According to a recent law passed, is unlawful for someone to purchase or sell used catalytic converters outside of a business or commercial car/repair sale.

Police said have not yet released his name of the suspect or mug shot, only identifying the person under arrest as a man. The investigation is ongoing.

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