19North Community Alliance Safety Pilot Program Set To Launch

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A 90-day pilot program in Phoenix with the effort to deter crime in the area is set to launch.

The 19North Community Alliance, a 501c3, made up of city officers, community leaders, local government, faith, schools, businesses and other non-profit organizations are working together on a joint effort for their neighborhood.

19North began in 2017 with the mission to “build safe, walkable communities for all to enjoy; where every business thrives, every student succeeds and every neighborhood is safe.” The area of focus encompasses the neighborhood and business district located between 15th and 27th avenue, from Dunlap to Missouri. It is estimated to includes over 30,000 residents.

The Northern Avenue businesses and property owners, the Phoenix Police Department, various city of Phoenix departments and addiction specialists are working together to form the partnership to help improve the conditions of the area.

Under the pilot program Northern Avenue Safety Collaboration, Omega Protective Services will provide an armed, uniformed guard in marked cars with plans to patrol Northern Avenue, up to Butler Drive and south to Hayward Avenue, from 17th Avenue to the I-17, seven days a week, seven hours per day, for three months.

The collaboration with Omega Protective Services will be an effort to impact and combat vandalism, drug trafficking, and addicts on Northern Avenue.

The focus and concern of the organization is the opioid epidemic. The community is seeing regular active illegal drug activity, selling, buying and using, at bus stops, street corners and business parking lots. In addition is the concern that people sleep in the areas near homes and businesses.

The Desert Horizon Precinct area that borders the Loop 101, south to Campbell Avenue, west to the I-17 and east to Scottsdale Road has seen a 53.6 percent increase in narcotic offenses between 2020 and 2021. The main factor which is the cause for the high increase is the occurrence of continued sale, possession, and usage of fentanyl.

The cost of the test pilot program will be $36,000. The program is being funded by donations from property owners, developers, and impacted businesses. The following businesses are included in the program’s efforts:
Town West Realty
Westcoast Capital
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

The Phoenix Police Department is working closely with the 19North Coalition. The Omega Protective Services security guards will be the first line of defense. Security will ask those who are trespassing to leave. The police will be call for enforcement action.

In situations of the homeless people, officer’s first effort will be to serve those in need of help and offer resources such as mental health services and housing needs.

On a positive note, the neighborhood seems to be in the process of great renewal and seeing positive development. New condo and apartments are coming into the area and other apartment complexes are undergoing renovations. There are plans for area shopping centers to be renovated as well and in general, the positive changes of cleaning up the neighborhood hope to bring a safe environment. 19North Community Alliance feel their pilot program will help contribute to the future of the community success.

The Northern Avenue Safety Collaboration pilot program is set to begin soon.

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