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TSA Extends Mask Requirement Through March 18

by on December 2, 2021 0
On Thursday, the Transportation Security Administration announced on their website that facial masks would continue to be required on all transportation modes through March 18, 2022. The extension will continue to require that all passengers be required to wear a mask Masks at airports, onboard commercial aircraft, over-the-road buses, and on a commuter bus... Read More

First Omicron Coronavirus Variant Confirmed Case in U.S.

by on December 2, 2021 0
The United States has officially received their first confirmed case of the Omicron coronavirus variant. The person has been identified in California. Over the past week, details on the new variant has been trickling out across media platforms and the World Health Organization officially designated Omicron as  a “variant of concern.” In a recent... Read More

Barrio Cosita Joins the Barrio Queen Familia

by on December 2, 2021 0
By Lauren Wong   A montage of everything that Barrio Queen’s owners, Linda Nash and Steve Rosenfield, fell in love with during their travels throughout Mexico was crafted together to create Barrio Cosita. All your favorites from Barrio Queen are paid homage in this new fast-casual concept. Highlighted by Día de los Muertos, Barrio... Read More