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City of Phoenix Offering Free Transit Passes for Those in Need

By on October 31, 2021 0 730Views

Many Phoenix residents now have help with the cost of riding public transit – for both bus and light rail. Earlier this year, the Phoenix city council developed a strategic plan for the use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to be received by the city of Phoenix. A component of that plan is to utilize $1 million for the purchase and distribution of transit passes to Phoenix residents to ensure that transit-dependent passengers can continue riding public transit during these challenging times.

The Public Transit Department is working with other city of Phoenix departments as well as partner organizations to distribute the passes to communities that can benefit from use of these passes. Pass recipients are asked to fill out a short survey​ ab​​​out how they will utilize this assistance.

Assisting with transportation costs will be beneficial for those individuals that may need temporary help to get back on their feet, go to work, school, medical appointments, and continue moving their life forward. This can make a positive impact across Phoenix communities who rely on public transit in their daily lives. See the attached list of agencies and programs​ the Public Transit Department has partnered with for the distribution of these passes.

City staff, with the help of the Phoenix city council, identified more than 30 organizations that can assist with the distribution of these passes including but not limit​​ed to Phoenix Arizona@Work, Equality AZ, the Human Services Campus and others.

Fare for Phoenix light rail and bus is $4 per day, $20 per week or $64 per month for adults.

The city is requiring all passengers to wear masks while riding public transit.