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FBI Warning Against Buying, Selling and Using Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

by on August 31, 2021 0
With companies starting to mandate vaccinated patrons only and businesses forcing their employees to get vaccinated, citizens are looking for a way around the forced vaccination mandates. Fake vaccination cards are starting to become more prevalent. Earlier this month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the seizure of more than 3,000 fake vaccine cards. Brooke Brennan... Read More

Phoenix Suns Unveil New Aztec-Inspired Uniform Design

by on August 27, 2021 0
Coming off an incredible season, Suns fans are already looking forward the NBA games starting back up to Rally the Valley once again for the Suns. With the post season excitement, this week, the Phoenix Suns unveiled a conceptual uniform design inspired by ancient Aztec culture and symbols, and they want to know  what... Read More