Grand Canyon Officials are Asking Hikers Not to Bring Their Dogs

By on July 19, 2021 0 589Views

If you’re planning to hike the Grand Canyon, officials are asking that you do not bring your dog with you.

The Grand Canyon National Park welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes, but not on the trails.

Many may get the idea that bringing beloved pet on a trail for a hike is fun, the national park warns that it can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

There are several reasons why dogs are not allowed below the rim on inner canyon trails.

It is illegal
Did you know it is prohibited for any pets to be below the canyon’s rim, on any park shuttle buses, or in-park lodging unless it’s a pet-friendly room.

It’s Too Hot
Yes, Northern Arizona is typically cooler, but the Canyon area can still get hot. Humans are able to sweat and stay cool with proper hydration. Dogs cannot. Dogs can easily overheat especially with little to no shade.

Trail Paths are Rough
Dog paws are not protected in hiking boots. The trails can be hot and rocky. The trails are flat out hazardous for their paws. Park officials say the ground can sometimes reach as high as 180 degrees.

Hikes Can Be Too Long
Park officials often hikers descend too deep into the Grand Canyon and end up on a way more intense hike than what was intended. Most dogs are not able to handle extremely long hikes and officials do not suggest carrying them out.

Many people are sharing a trail, and some may not be fond of dogs and may not react well. The Grand Canyon can get very crowded and busy and in some areas the trail is small, it can be dangerous combination.

Other Animals
Encounters with dogs and the multiple mule trains that go through the canyon can turn dangerous. Other wildlife such as mule deer, bighorn sheep, squirrels and even coyotes don’t mix well with dogs.

It is important to note that the Grand Canyon doe, allow dogs and other leashed pets on trails above the north and south rim, in the Yavapai Lodge, which has the only pet-friendly rooms and at the South Rim Kennel. Service animals are allowed below the rim if they are assisting their humans with disabilities. Emotional support animals are not permitted. Those with service animals must check in with the Backcountry Information Center.