Shazam! Suns Specialty License Plates are Hot 

By on July 16, 2021 0 609Views

The “Valley Oop” slam by Deandre Ayton. The gritty leadership of Chris Paul. The single-minded focus of Devin Booker. The exceptional coaching. All are setting up great moments for Arizona sports fans right now. But even though the NBA Finals are still in progress, there already is a winner: the charitable causes supported by the club through the sale of Phoenix Suns specialty license plates.

According to figures released by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division, Suns specialty license plates generated just over $12,000 in sales for the month of June alone. That’s an increase of about $3,500 from May, in which there were sales of just under $8,500. During the previous 10 months, sales of Suns plates averaged approximately $7,000 per month.

Suns plates require a $25 initial application fee and can be renewed for $25 a year. As with most specialty plates, $17 goes to a charitable organization, in this case the Phoenix Suns Charities for youth education and development, college scholarship programs and community development.

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