Jurassic Fight Night Scheduled in October

By on June 21, 2021 0 949Views

Have you ever wanted to see dinosaurs square off in a battle match? If so, you are in luck because Fight Night will take a different spin in the boxing ring this Fall.

Jurassic Fight Night is a prehistoric event 65 million years in the making. Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs have organized two days of prehistoric entertainment with dinosaurs battling for the win in Glendale later this year.

The fourth Jurassic Fight Night is scheduled to take place at Gila River Arena on Oct. 8 and 9 and will feature numerous dinosaurs in a boxing ring.

Organizers of the event have also added a new spin for this match up. The Glendale event will be the first to include the debut of the new women’s division, Diva Dinos.

There will be three fights, each including three two-minute rounds.

Eight dinosaurs will compete to determine who’s at the top of the dinosaur food-chain, including the “Blue Lighting” velociraptor, Steve “The Spine Crusher” Spinosaurus and Stiggy “The Skull Basher” Stygimoloch.

The arena debut will be the largest Jurassic Fight Night to take place since the event launched in 2018, event organizers said.

Tickets can be purchased online.