Memorial Day Weekend DUI Arrests Increase in Arizona

By on June 2, 2021 0 541Views

The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety released their report on the number of DUI arrests made over the holiday weekend and it shows an increase from last year.

Nearly 600 people were arrested on suspicion of DUI over the Memorial Day weekend. The number of DUI arrests increased from 409 in 2020.

The total amount of traffic stops also increased from 9,548 to 12,702. People were less active the prior year due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of the 589 total DUI arrests made, 138 arrests fell under the extreme DUI category. The blood alcohol content required to elicit an extreme DUI is .15, which is almost twice the Arizona legal limit of .08.

The average known BAC for the people arrested during the weekend was .153.

In addition, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety also released that the drug-related DUI arrests decreased this year from 170 to 157.

A total of 2,637 officers and deputies were involved in these traffic stops from Friday to Monday.