Governor Ducey Acts On 17 Bills

By on April 29, 2021 0 554Views

On Wednesday, Governor Doug Ducey took action on 17 pieces of legislation, including a bill that allows Arizonans to cancel or suspend health spa memberships without having to go to the facility.

“The pandemic has brought many unique challenges to businesses and customers over the past year,” said Governor Ducey. “It has also brought some opportunities for change to light. House Bill 2697 eases the process for Arizonans to act on their membership at a health spa, gym or fitness club, giving them more control over their finances and mitigation preferences. My thanks to Representative Justin Wilmeth for sponsoring this legislation.”

House Bill 2697 allows health spa customers the ability to suspend or cancel their contracts or memberships electronically through email or other online services. Previously, a customer was required to notify a health spa of the cancellation or suspension via certified mail or personal delivery. The legislation addresses the same issue that many Arizonans faced when health spa, gym and fitness club operations were paused last year due to the pandemic.

“I was proud to sponsor House Bill 2697 to help ensure Arizonans don’t have to jump through hoops just to cancel or suspend a gym membership,” said Representative Wilmeth. “I’m grateful to Governor Ducey for signing this bill, and to my fellow legislators who supported it.”

Below is a list of bills the Governor signed Wednesday:

S.B. 1283 podiatry board; continuation (Pace)
S.B. 1284 occupational licensing; licensure; fingerprinting (Pace)
S.B. 1291 gross weight; vehicles and loads (Shope)
S.B. 1389 incapacitated person; guardian ad litem (Barto)
H.B. 2016 child care assistance; education; training (Udall)
H.B. 2110 civil penalties; mitigation; restitution (Biasiucci)
H.B. 2135 education board; rules; learning outcomes (Udall)
H.B. 2168 use of force; reports; analysis (Blackman)
H.B. 2247 DCS; records; data; access (Griffin)
H.B. 2294 yielding to emergency vehicles; penalties (Payne)
H.B. 2359 election equipment; access; locks (Kavanagh)
H.B. 2439 DCS; missing children; required reporting (Griffin)
H.B. 2502 electronic communications; personal information; harassment (Bolick)
H.B. 2697 health spa contracts; cancellation; notice (Wilmeth)
H.B. 2760 contractors; qualifying party; liability (Dunn)
H.B. 2835 theme park districts; extension (Cobb)
H.B. 2862 schools; instructional time models (Udall)