Costco Now Selling COVID-19 Testing Kits Online

By on October 27, 2020 0 932Views

Costco members can now purchase COVID-19 testing kits online.

The company has listed two test kits for sale on, one priced at $129.99, the other is listed at $139.99.

According to the item descriptions, both saliva PCR kits “test for COVID-19 infection at home without a painful nasal swab.”

Test results will be available between 24-72 hours, the descriptions stated.

The site description also said: “You must register for a lab order with AZOVA after checkout for each person who is taking the test. You will receive a coupon code to redeem on to receive your at-home test kit.”

The test kits are only available on the site; the kits are not available in Maryland, Nevada, or Pennsylvania.

The Costco tests are “about 99 percent sensitive, 98 percent specific. In other words, you can say the positive tests are positive, and the negative tests are truly negative,” Dr. Alok Patel said. “This is an accurate test.”