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APS Extends Assistance For Customers in Need, Puts Hold On Disconnects For Past Due Bills Through 2020

By on September 15, 2020 0 462Views

With many Arizonans facing challenging times due to COVID-19, loss of income, altered work and school schedules and recent record heat, APS wants to ease the burden for those struggling to pay their electric bills. Residential and business customers will not have their service disconnected for non-payment through the end of the year. Late fees will continue to be waived during this time.

Early in the pandemic, APS took action by voluntarily suspending disconnects for non-payment and waiving late fees effective March 13. Then, on June 1, a seasonal hold on disconnects took effect for residential customers of all regulated utilities, which expires Oct. 15. Through the summer months, APS also kept a hold in place for business customers and continues to offer support and resources to both residential and business customers ranging from financial assistance and ways to manage bills to tips on how to save money.

“Across Arizona, we have faced the challenges of this pandemic and record summer temperatures together, and we are here to help and work with our customers,” said Monica Whiting, Vice President, Customer Experience. “As a local company with a commitment to the communities we serve, APS is offering peace of mind for those unable to currently pay their bill. Additionally, our essential workers remain dedicated to providing reliable electrical and customer service around the clock.”

While customers will not be disconnected for non-payment through Dec. 31, 2020, APS encourages customers to seek assistance now if they know they are already behind on balances owed. Programs customers may qualify for could fully cover or significantly reduce past due balances, and it’s a good idea to explore those options now to avoid a potential year-end rush, according to Whiting. Plus, paying even a small amount will help the balance owed from continuing to grow. APS includes another helpful resource on bills that shows whether a different service plan could save customers money. Customers can switch plans at any time.

APS Assistance Efforts:

  • APS to offer flexibility in paying past due bills, including giving customers more time to pay. Customers can make a payment arrangement themselves by visiting aps.com or they can call us to help set up a plan.
  • APS urges customers struggling to pay or whose financial circumstances have changed to check in with the company. These customers may qualify for support ranging from a $100, one-time bill credit for residents and $1,000 for small businesses to crisis bill assistance up to $800 a year and an ongoing 25% discount off their energy use.
  • APS is committed to assisting with customer and community needs. They have pledged $8 million in shareholder-funded pandemic relief. While almost $7 million of this total is specific to customer assistance, it also includes support for Arizona tribal communities, the Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund and nonprofits like food banks which are seeing increased demand for services. This financial pledge is one of the largest commitments of any utility in the country.
  • To explore support options and programs like Budget Billing, Preferred Due Date, Autopay and Safety Net – or to connect to additional assistance like Project Share and 211 Arizona – customers can visit aps.com/support.

Visit aps.com/tips for ways to save on monthly electric bills, including customized information for the different service plans. Or, contact the APS Customer Care Center. Advisors are available to assist in English and Spanish 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (602) 371-7171 or (800) 253-9405.