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Grant Program to Aid Phoenix Businesses with Utility Bills

By on July 6, 2020 0 703Views

The City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department announced Tuesday a new grant program to aid local businesses enduring financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Phoenix Commercial City Services Bill Relief Grant will help eligible businesses cover the costs of their water and sewer bills and is the result of a partnership between the city’s Water and Community and Economic Development departments, according to a press release.

We recognize that there are businesses still in need of assistance that are not eligible for existing programs,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said in the release. “For those businesses, we’re offering a grant program to help with city utilities (water and sewer). This is a challenging time, and we are committed to working with our local businesses to see them through.”

In May, the Phoenix City Council approved a total of $14 million in resiliency grants for local small businesses.

Earlier this month, the city of Phoenix announced the Arizona Community Foundation had allocated more than $300,000 resiliency grants to 85 micro-businesses and was accepting applications for 1,400 additional grants.

The additional Phoenix city services grant program totals $5 million, does not require repayment, and is funded by the federal coronavirus relief bill.

As with other grants available to Phoenix businesses, those applying must meet certain criteria such as: having been open since Jan 1, 2019, operating within the city of Phoenix, having fewer than 25 employees and the ability to demonstrate a loss of gross sales totaling 25% or more in both March and April of this year when compared to March and April of 2019.

Additionally, business accounts must have been in good standing as of March 1, 2020, to qualify.

Click here to apply.