Phoenix Police Chief Phoenix Mayor Join The Black Mothers Forum

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Phoenix Police Chief Phoenix Mayor Join The Black Mothers Forum Sunday

Over the weekend, in downtown Phoenix, Police Chief Jeri Williams and Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego made an appearance not just as the city’s Police Chief and the Mayor, but as mothers at the Black Mothers Forum.

Black Mothers Forum is a focused group of dedicated mothers of black children who have come together to dismantle the school to prison pipeline in our community.

Mayor Gallego and Chief Williams, both mothers, joined other moms who had assembled during the event located at Eastlake Park in downtown Phoenix.

In the first public appearance by Mayor Gallego since the protests began last week, she shared with the crowd, “I’m not here as a white woman, I’m here as a mother,” said Mayor Gallego in a speech to the crowd.

“We want to partner with people in the community who are interested in positive change. This was a great event of mothers who want to do better for our sons,” said Mayor Gallego. “We are both mothers of sons, and we are committed to leaving them with a better world than the one we inherited.”

“Amen,” added Chief Williams.

Moms in attendance found the presence of the chief and mayor inspiring.

“I think it’s absolutely amazing that our leaders are stepping in, showing that they care, showing face,” said Theresa Ambwe, a mother who attended the rally with her four-year-old daughter.

“What she said is ‘I’m a mother first.’ for me, that meant a lot, but I’d also like to see if she is going to hold the police accountable,” said mom Jala Moore.

On Friday, Chief Williams joining the march on Downtown Phoenix protesting police brutality. In her speech to protestors, she said, “We hear you.” A sentiment echoed again on Saturday.

“I would like to hear what they want to see changed,” said Chief Williams. “It’s one thing for the establishment to keep coming up with those solutions. We’re listening.”