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3 Arizona Congress Members Chosen To Be On COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force

By on April 20, 2020 0 514Views

Three Arizonans were selected to serve on a bipartisan White House task force of Congress members that will focus on the nation’s economic recovery from the coronavirus outbreak.

Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Republican Sen. Martha McSally, and Republican Rep. Andy Biggs have announced their participation.

The White House is calling the task force the “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group.” It consists of 32 House members (22 Republicans, 10 Democrats) and 65 Senators (52 Republicans, 11 Democrats, one independent).

Trump said Thursday he’s prepared to announce new guidelines allowing some states to quickly ease up on social distancing even as business leaders told him they need more coronavirus testing and personal protective equipment before people can safely go back to work.

The new guidelines come as the federal government envisions a gradual recovery from the virus, in which disruptive mitigation measures may be needed in some places at least until a vaccine is available — a milestone unlikely to be reached until next year.

The congressional task force will advise the administration on how to re-open the nation’s businesses from restrictions designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, according to a press release from Sinema’s office.

“I will work with anyone to support Arizona’s state and local leaders, ensure our communities adhere to scientific best practices to address our current health emergency, and provide employers the resources to quickly recover and get Americans back to work once the immediate crisis has passed,” Sinema said in the release.

 McSally said it was “an honor” to serve on the panel.

“I will take Arizonans’ concerns and ideas straight to the task force of decision-makers to inform a strong economic recovery that benefits Arizona’s families and businesses while prioritizing the safety of all citizens,” she said in a press release.

Biggs said in a press release he was “grateful to be included on this team.”

“As we pivot from a shutdown of our economy due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to keep the president’s track record of tremendous results in mind as we move to restore the economy to its former brilliance,” he said.

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