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Animal Shelters In Arizona Urge Pet Owners To Plan For Their Animals Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

By on April 10, 2020 0 821Views

Arizona animal shelters are advising people to have a plan in place for their pets in wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Recommendations include putting together an emergency supply list and finding a temporary caregiver in the case of hospitalization or inability to care for the animal due to sickness.

The best place for a pet is in their own home with a friend or family member to care for them, according to a press release from Pima Animal Care Center, The Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary.

The press release mentioned that it would be best if the pet knows and likes the caregiver, but any home is better than the stressful environment of a shelter. Pet sitters or boarding facilities could also be an option to a pet needing somewhere to stay.

This isn’t just helpful for your own pet. These plans help free up shelters for the onset of kitten season and the need to respond to other animals who are in immediate danger.

Meanwhile, it is advised the emergency supply kit contains the following items;

– Name and contact information for the person who can care for your pets
– Name and contact information for your back-up in case your go-to is no longer able to help
– Food, treats, a leash, toys and any other supplies necessary to care for your pet for at least two weeks
– A crate or carrier to transport your pet
– Vaccination records
– Collar with ID tags (make sure their microchip information is up to date)
– Medications and prescriptions, along with instructions
– Daily care instructions
– Your veterinarian’s contact information

Remember, the Centers for Disease Control says there is currently NO evidence to suggest people can get COVID-19 from pets!

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